Welcome dear alumni to the MGCTKCOGA Website!

It has been a bit of a slow start getting the website up and running but Alhamdulillah here it is and at last we can claim to be in keeping with the times! With technology moving at a pace almost impossible to match we nonetheless have taken the first baby steps to move towards consolidating the ways in which we disseminate and collate information.

I am sure I have no need to explain the many advantages of having our own website, not least we hope to be able to update, expand and share our database amongst members with greater ease and accuracy as each member will have access to her own profile and can manage it accordingly. Furthermore, we hope to reach even more yet-to-be-members to join the association due to the ease with which one can register. That being said, I appeal to all members to bear with us as we make this exciting transition to the electronic world and allow us to iron out any rough edges during this teething period!

I also urge all of you to browse through the website – do read our mission & vision statements to get a grasp of what our OGA stands for and what we have managed to achieve thus far and explore the multitude of possibilities open to you. For example, our market place is an excellent platform to showcase your businesses and can help in the expansion and growth of your endeavours…after all you must know that we OGs just love to shop!

On that note, I shall leave you to find out the many ways in which you can help make this site an interactive and an ever-growing one and one we can be collectively proud of! Last but not least, remember that you only need  “ to connect to reconnect”….Enjoy!


Wassalam and warmest regards,

Kak Ah

Be a GIRL with a mind, a WOMAN with attitude & a LADY with class…
Tan Sri Dato'(Dr) Rafiah Salim